A Soldier's Dream

FCMI Conference Notes

Speaker: Dr. Phillip Goudeaux

Founder of FCMI

Two annointings – one vision

Kings and Priests – annointings for kings or priests for all

The kingdom needs more annointed kings and priests

If you are involved in ministry then you are a priest, if you are involved in business then you are a king. You are either one or the other. The king’s job is to finance the priest (among other kingly duties). The priest is to provide the annointing and vision to the king (among other priestly duties).

El Shaddai – God is more than enough

2007 is the year of the open door (Just need faith to receive it)

Something significant before the end of the year

Isaiah 22:22

Special favor is upon you

Be like a hunting dog – Where is it at, God? Let me at it!

Isaiah 60:- Bringing kings and their wealth by you

Revelation 3:- An open door

Acts 12:16 The door was opened and they were astonished!

Matthew 28:-

“God’s Gonna Break me off somethin proper!”


Ron Nelson – Dr. Goudeaux’s head of security

Involved in the Avalon Group

Is called to be a king and is also a licensed minister

“Land acquisition”

He is operating in large numbers of dollars.

Sheltering is important – you don’t own the money, you control it.

At that level of money a financial team is required – a financial manager, a tax attorney, a lawyer and an accountant

also being led by the spirit

Gifts and talents

An 8 to 5 job does not get ahead

The purpose – the gospel takes money

You got to call it in – speak it in

Land, mentors, all you need

Called to serve and spread the word – the heartbeat of Christ is souls

“Bring my business out so I can win souls”

Ephesians 1:17 – the spirit of wisdom and revelation and insight

God knows where it’s at! (all the gold and silver is his)

Wealth and prosperity and insight comes out of the deep and intimate times with God

You are called to a supernatural walk, you must tap in, you must have at least 1 hour per day of deep intimate time with God, also praying in tongues is crucial. Must feed the spirit man up

Joshua 1:5-9

Isaiah 45:1,2,3

The treasures of darkness

Deuteronomy 8:18 – the power to get wealth

it’s not about me, it’s about God

You are a financial distribution center

Sowing and reaping is always how it works


Thaxter Arterberry – Thinking like a millionaire

You can’t make money in the future or the past, only the present

Can’t defer hope (deferred hope makes the heart sick)

Can’t compete for wealth – it is created by creativity

If you’re competitive then you are not being creative – you are being jealous

Don’t run your ideas past someone else??

Focusing on the past can make you bitter

Make the present work for you – do you really know what you want?

Write the vision, make it plain, place your faith on something big

Have a mental block? Are you in a routine?

Robs Report

1) it is your right to be rich

2) erase the “household budget” mentality – increase your income, you don’t grow by thinking about less

3) erase the W-2 personality – you can’t put passion behind what I want, can’t stop the passion

you must look to have a 10-99 created for you – make money on your own. the 10-99 is the kings activity

4) sow seed – the difference between soil and dirt – dirt is depleted, weeds grow in dirt – tha’s what happens when you don’t know what you want, no seed is planted.

Also – planting the same seed over and over again, it depletes the soil

Sow seed up into someone who has what you want (sow seed up)

Don’t be a mosquito, be like water – it benefits everything it touches

What is your water flow? Kings have to have directed seed, no passion, don’t do it

5) mentorships – an honest friend who isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings – growth hurts

6) Faith – study it, work it, trust the word

when your faith is met, replace your faith- move it (higher)

Don’t talk about what you have, that’s living in the past

Where would a multimillionare put $100 million? CREATIVITY WITH PASSSION

He isn’t afraid to lose it, he’s looking for passion

Billionairs don’t have cards. You have to want it.

Master faith by studying it until the meaning is fixed within you

7) Know what you want – really – and be specific, not doubleminded – if there was 1 wish. IDEA

Your gift is creativity

Entrepreneurship – change your thinking

55 famous alibies – “if only”


Dr. Timothy Stokes

last morning session day 1

Hebrews 8:10

Old vs new covenant

Law – represents God’s instructions for life

God doesn’t change, he changes us – in our hearts and minds

He brings it to your heart in a way you can believe it, your faith manifests it on the outside

A covenant – the 2 become one – access to each other’s resources

God gave us his stuff, he needs our stuff now

4 things-

1) John 14:27 peace I leave with you – my peace

John 16:33 he over came the world – law of pre-eminence – the devil can’t take it

2) John 15:11 his joy impacting your joy – the joy of the Lord is our strength – people should come to us to find out about our joy

3) Ephesians 1:17 – that you may know – access to God’s power for your situation – God is your partner, you come from another place

It isn’t over yet

5) Mercy

Matthew 5:7 – you need to enforce the covenant

The enemy does not play fair.

Blessed – inner state of satisfaction and sufficiency does not depend on any outside anything.


Dr. Goudeaux – lunch session

Not a hireling – must share the vision – it is your blueprint

Who you have around you – (important)

An exceptional mentor / protege – (a teaching by Goudeaux)

Be careful who you have around you

Priests must annoint the kings

Understanding the difference between urgent and important

The law of hearing and obeying

Are you single or unmarried?

Must listen to Holy Spirit always or it will cost you


Dr. Goudeaux – 2nd evening session

If you don’t like your harvest you must change your seed

Uncommon seed brings uncommon harvest

If he can’t get it through you, can’t get it to you


Isaiah 60:11 – gates open continually

Revelation 3:- the door is open

7 things-

1) stay focused like never before

2) deep hunger and thirst

3) high anticipation – no time to play around

4) obey like never before

5) a willingness to fight

6) an eye for the future

7) sow like never before

8- unlock all negative thinking

Acts 14:27 – things had to be opened to the gentiles

2 Corinthians 2 – open door

Malachi 3:8 – open it up to you


Dr. Stokes – Building people who build the church

G-12 concept

Had too many sheep too quickly for discipleship in his church

1 in 6 visitors stay

Emphasis – at the expense of something else

1) win the lost

2) disciple

3) leadership

4) cell ministry

G12 does the above and strengthens each other

Hebrews 5:11 Law of progression – once you learn you must teach someone

-The church is doing it like the catholics – a priest / Laity mentality

-Sheep produce sheep, leaders produce leaders

-Spiritual senses and faculties to understand

-Saints flowing in the love of one another, strengthening each other

– Like joints

Jump out of plane principals

Reveiving vs learning

The strength of the church is the connectivity of the people

Service oriented vs connection oriented

Putting the right people in the right places for influence



John Croel – debt elimination continued

Fighter for all things right

Not being robbed by the financial industry

Life insurance – term is legit, whole life, no

Investments – rule of 72

Always buy low – when everyone else is selling out  in panic

BE the banker, be the middle man

Can’t save what you don’t have


Timothy Stokes – final session

Beginning -> ending      Ending -> Beginning

The continual favor of God

Direction as we leave – momentum

A priest or a king


Ezra 7:11 kings and priests working together

Kings provide:

influence – boards, politics, connections

resources – God gives seed to the sower

Strategic in all things

in it to win it

Be about the father’s business – document success

Storm the marketplace

The job market – what part of it are you playing in?  Only the employer is designed to prosper in the job market

Find a market where you are designed to prosper

Must have financial strength for the priest

The priest provides:

Vision – why

Annointing – power from the house of God

Standards – A stable environment – real


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